Commissioner Contract Support

Commissioner Contract Support

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We offer a commissioners planning support for new and ongoing contracts using the Benson model.

New contracts

Our projects aim to support commissioners beginning in the pre-contract phase by reflecting on existing performance, identifying risks and opportunities and planning the future service specification using benchmarking and linking with available funds. We can also support development of strategies for service integration and new service planning. We also review the future demographic changes and other factors impacting on future demand and referral rates. This will result in a forecast of workload, workforce and funding required to support various alternative delivery models, where possible validated by both existing performance and the Benson benchmarking.

The Benson model also provides a constructive basis upon which to develop interaction with current providers of bidding parties.

We also assist commissioners to outsource services to reduce the administrative burden of the contract on internal resource, as well as leveraging off aforementioned bid support work. Common areas of support include provider consultation, submission form and template design, full bid costing, population analysis and other bespoke analysis and reports.

Commissioners often require the successful provider to continue to use the Benson model.

Existing contracts

For the commissioner ensuring better dialogue with providers helps increase transparency and improve future planning to reduce risk and help improve performance.  We implement processes to encourage greater transparency and dialogue with incumbent providers.  This may help the provider develop their own model and identify inefficiencies, risk and potential improvements.  The Benson model allows them to align strategies around the service programme and roles of the workforce with funding constraints and other future commissioning requirements.

With the recent movement of commissioning for health visiting and school nursing services, we have worked with several local authorities to develop a new framework to give them greater control and understanding of the challenges and constraints facing providers in these areas.  This has also allowed the commissioners to exert some control over the service programme, i.e. areas of focus and new service rollout; they have also used it to review and revise the future contribution of skill mix.