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Successful 0-19 Contract Retention for NHS Trust in South of England

Bid development work for a long time client based in the South of England.  This included work pre and post service specification adapting the local service model, benchmarking and profiling of the target area to produce a 5 year service delivery programme, efficiency and costing forecast. Our provider used Benson to maximise leverage off their

download - Ministry of Defence Healthcare

Ministry of Defence Healthcare

We have been involved in the development of a pilot involving using an adapted version of the Benson model to baseline existing healthcare and across selected health workstreams in the three major forces within the UK MOD. This was the first phase of a potentially larger project involved delivery working within the Defence Military Services

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Croydon 0-19 Service Development

Since November 2017 Benson Wintere have been working with Croydon Health Services NHS Trust supporting development in integrated 0-19 service delivery, planning and data analysis. We implemented and configured the Benson model to align with local data, demographics and an agreed future service plan. The project has been partly collaborative, involving representatives from London Borough

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Implementing Best Practice model in Cambridge, Luton and Norfolk

As part of an ongoing drive to improve quality and efficiency, our client, Cambridgeshire Community Services NHS Trust (CCS) requested assistance to identify and implement models of best practice across their children’s health sites (3). This involved working with the CCS steering group and individually delivering models with the 3 areas and identifying areas of

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Local Authority Commissioning Model and Delivery Strategy to Inform 0-19 Tender

Our client is a local authority in South East of England.  We were engaged to implement and support roll out of two Benson models for Health Visiting and School Nursing to inform the forthcoming 0-19 contract. We were working to a strict 8 week timetable which was met successfully. We worked initially with the commissioner

sompar - DN model - Somerset

DN model – Somerset

Case study Somerset Partnership were one of our early implementers participating in the Benson DN pilot in 2016 ans 2017.  They have been an instrumental part of the early development of the model contributing several ideas and imprvements particularly in the fields of complexity and allocation of clinical responsibilities.  Being a rural service also forced

index 1 - DN model - Liverpool

DN model – Liverpool

Client: Liverpool Community Health Development of Benson model for District Nursing including allowance for 12 months ongoing support We held several consultation sessions with staff and management to ensure we understood the challenges and local structure so the model could be correctly configured; there was a 6 month delay due to data concerns identified early

57 1 280x86 - Oxfordshire contract development

Oxfordshire contract development

Implement and support local School Nursing Benson model including consultation with incumbent provider to identify the new requirements of the service to inform new budget and service specification. This was a commissioner funded project with full consultation of the School nursing provider in Oxfordshire. The provider voluntarily participated in consultation with the commissioner to provide

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Extending Benson license – multiple clients

Though there is no long term obligation most of our clients choose to extend Benson support annually. Our clients see Benson as a natual extension of their core bid, finance and/or strategic development function – and as such there are ongoing challenges and benefits. This includes ongoing access to health intelligence such as population level

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Benson Community Nursing Pilot

In early 2016 Benson Wintere decided to self fund development of phase 1 of a new Benson module for district nursing. This followed the consultation and report work with QNI in 2013/4 and a belief that such a tool was required given the future challenges facing community nursing – from our own research and that