Bid support for 0-19 tender for adjoining locality

Bid support for 0-19 tender for adjoining locality

54 704x328 - Bid support for 0-19 tender for adjoining locality

We developed Benson models and additional consulting support for bid development of an area bordering on part of one of our existing provider client’s locality in the South of England.

This was another successful tender for our client.

One of the particular successes from this project was the modelling of new technological innovations grounded in evidence and research and reflecting estimated realisation of improvements in delivery and adaptation over the contract period. This allowed our provider to demonstrate to the commissioner their progressive approaches in innovation, use of skill mix, risk profiling and targeting continous improvement.

We used data available from our population databases and tender release information to profile the existing and future service to ensure we could identify all factors impacting on demand, and the potential service changes and improvements that could be achieved by applying internal strategies to clinical delivery.

We worked closely with the internal bid team to ensure the costings and future resources were dynamically linked to the above factors and validated using our benchmarking database.