Devising an integrated 0-4 delivery model across Dorset

Devising an integrated 0-4 delivery model across Dorset

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Dorest Public Health invited us to implement of Benson models for Children’s Centres and Health Visiting in 3 provider areas of Dorset.

This project focused on identifying ways for the two traditionally separate functions to work more closely together, reduce duplicity, leverage off each others estate and resource, and apply complimentery skills to deliver a new harmonised service offer.

Challenges faced included developing a cohesive approach to Children’s Centre services and an objective process to identify reasonable time allocations. Also bringing together the HV services into a more common service structure and commitment to best practice and harmonisation of service delivery.

This has assisted in building a more open and proactive relationship between the aprties based on insights from the Benson project. This has also helped to identify next challenges and areas for improvement or targeting efficiency. The model has been supported enthustically by the providers and reports circulated widely.