Dudley school nursing

Dudley school nursing

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We have worked with the providers, the Black Country Partnership Foundation Trust (BCPFT) to develop a validated service model to assist submission of their bid to the commissioners.

The project commenced in late 2014 and was delivered early in 2014.

The project was implemented as follows:

  • Working with health intelligence to generate all eligible children by school, schools mapped to teams, and deprivation profiles
  • Configuration of a benchmarked school dataset
  • Two half day workshops run with selected staff to develop, populate and validate the model
  • Preparing reports for management to assist with the submission
This allowed us to deliver a fully validated model to inform the staffing and costing of the bid. This allowed the provider to show:
  • eligible children in each team
  • caseloads sensitised by complexity of the population (deprivation and safeguarding)
  • the future service programme and externally validated delivery strategy
  • the future role profiles for their workforce
  • incorporation of best practice and ideas to work in a more integrated and lean way in the future
  • the workforce required to safely support the new service programme

The bid is currently being assessed.

We are now also working with both BCPFT and the CCG to develop a similar model for additional needs therapies, which will be delivered in mid 2015.