Develop geographical dashboard for children’s nutrition

Develop geographical dashboard for children’s nutrition

PCT guidance analysis tool

geo2 500x265 - Develop geographical dashboard for children's nutritionWe assisted a major food nutrition company to develop a data collection tool to capture and assimilate health intelligence about their products.  This was based on primary care trusts across England.  Outputs were  resented using a geographical dashboard enabling our client to work with commissioners as a discussion tool and to reflect on outcomes from the data collection exercise.

We worked with a researcher to collect and develop a comprehensive  market dataset comprising responses and additional information from the public domain to address a number of key areas in the remit.

These areas were aimed at identifying factors which were preventing the prescribing of the client’s treatments in the primary care environment.  This included focusing on competitor products, including why competitor products may be preferred in the local prescribing pathway.

We worked with the researcher to provide a data collection template and summary tool which enabled them to automate data collection, perform data collection activities more efficiently, and validate responses so that any violations or inconsistencies would be flagged immediately, and addressed accordingly.  This was also able to provide us with information summarising level of information collected, and a means of aligning the analysis with the analytical tool.

The analytical tool enabled the client to review responses and data for each key area.  A national dashboard was developed providing an interactive graphical view.  This facilitated both geographical analysis as well as providing multi dimensional analysis of key metrics.  More detailed analysis could be accessed via the main dashboard.