Benson Model screenshots

Benson Model screenshots

Health visiting service planner 2

Selected screenshots from the Benson Model.  Providers access their tools using a secure live folder.  The tool is updated on a quarterly basis.

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wfchange 500x209 - Benson Model screenshots
^ The workforce profiler provides the user with analysis on the effectiveness of the current and commissioned workforces in delivering the required future service programme, and develop a new workforce profile to help understand the structure required to deliver the programme in each area.

ser form 500x339 - Benson Model screenshots

^ The service profile form. This is used to profile each service chosen on the area’s service offer. This also contains outputs for a selected area, helping to test the settings for reasonableness. 

serv offer 500x204 - Benson Model screenshots
^ The service offer is a list of services which may be delivered in the future, aligned to the structure advocated in the Health Child Programme 0-5. Services may be switched off to reflect the desired service programme. This lets the service develop different scenarios and project additional requirements of delivering new or repackaged services. The chosen services are then profiled on the Service Plan.
dashboard 500x250 - Benson Model screenshots
^ The Dashboard is a report providing outputs for the service and workforce across all areas. The main chart shows the ability of each area to deliver the profiled service programme, with the red areas representing areas with insufficient workforce capacity based on the chosen workforce profile. This may be addressed by developing a new workforce using the workforce adjuster.
serv plan 500x347 - Benson Model screenshots
^ The service planner shows the existing profiles for each of the selected services. This also lets the user launch the service profile user form for each of the services by pressing on the blue button adjacent to each service.