Benson Model: Health Visiting Module

Benson Model: Health Visiting Module

hvsp bch - Benson Model: Health Visiting ModuleBenson’s Health Visiting module has been implemented by providers and commissioners across England since 2011 as a robust and flexible method to support dynamic and objective estimation of demand and workload, staff and resource allocation, informed service reconfiguration and bid development, and driving constructive engagement and planning between provider and commissioner.  Many commissioners are also using Benson to inform and outsource contract work and help inform development of new delivery models. Our benchmarking and health intelligence databases help both sides to validate the models and identify potential areas of improvement or exposure to risk.

As with other models the Benson model for health visiting focuses on leveraging off all information sources to objectively assess demand, taking into accounts local caseload complexity and other factors such as travel or infrastructure. Building a service specification then leads to prediction of workload, and the Benson optimal workforce which produces safe caseloads that produce the smallest caseloads in the most challenging areas.

In Health visiting we have worked with almost 50 sites in England.  Our expanding network has allowed us to collect feedback and continuously improve the core model to ensure it is meets the challenges of today’s environment. The model is pre built so the lead time to develop a working version in not usually more than 5 weeks. For more on implementation please click here.

This model is often combined with the school nursing model and/or children’s centre models, particularly for fully integrated 0-19 services.

Our support includes on site implementation, data development and ongoing remote support.

Services using the model have achieved the following outcomes:

  • Safe caseloads and staffing
  • Scenario building, budgeting and forecasting
  • Informed service redevelopment and integration
  • Reporting to and driving negotiations with commissioners
  • Role definitions
  • Bid development