Benson model: Community Nursing / District Nursing

Benson model: Community Nursing / District Nursing

Community nurse speaking to elderly couple

The Benson Community Nursing module is assisting providers in the UK with ongoing data analysis and planning to better understand performance, allocate resources dynamically based on demogaphic profiling, and to embrace service improvement and innovation systematically using an integrated approach.

Just as importantly it will help establish interactive communication and clarity between provider and commissioner and support bid submission and contract development.

The Benson model for Community Nursing was piloted in 2016/7 following national consultation work performed with the Queen’s Nursing Institute in 2014/5. The pilot concluded in late 2017 and the model is now being implemented in new sites.

“We have been able to move nursing resource from one federation to another to ensure the federation with the greatest shortfall of nursing resource is supported. We are now able with confidence to articulate the pressures on the DN service in terms of demand and capacity , and Benson has given us a platform to plan and strategise more objectively, taking into account future challenges facing our service.”
Somerset Partnership NHS Trust (click here for case study)

Once implemented Benson will help improve outcomes by expressing challenges embedded in team caseloads – taking into account patient complexity by analysising patients, demographics, travel and other factors. This produces a fairer method of weighting caseloads that can be repeated and enhanced over time.

Benson leverages and improves your data to baseline your service, and helps build and validate assumptions about the future service. Once validated it provides a platform to inform future strategic development to confront future challenges – ageing population, referral patterns, commissioning and restructuring.

Scenarios can be developed to look at impact of changing future care pathways, team configuration and clinical responsibilities. Our databases provide access to national statistics to assist in developing dynamic population profiles, to assist in determining future demographic changes and predict impact on referral levels. The core planning module can be complemented by costing and forecasting reports to assist long term planning. Benson will also inform other planning initiatives including E-Scheduling and E-Rostering.

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