The Benson Model

The Benson Model

BMod full logo feb 18 PNG v12 - The Benson ModelThe Benson Model is a strategic planning methodology empowering community health and social care services to objectively plan and manage demand, workload, resources, caseloads, finances, change and improvement. The process is collaborative involving client working groups to oversee configuration, development and rollout. Our clients develop a clearer understanding of historic performance, allowing identification and discussion of current and future opportunities and risks, and ultimately leads to clear strategies, fairer allocation of resources, and ongoing tracking of performance metrics.

Our clients are then empowered to own and update their models to plan resource allocation, formulate strategies and report to stakeholders. A robust, transparent and live process informs decision making, strategic development and communications between providers and commissioners.

More than 50 services in England have implemented the Benson Model across health visiting, school nursing, additional needs and district nursing. If you would like a referral or a demonstration please contact us.

The Benson methodology currently has no directly competitive products and in which case our clients have always achieved tender waiver.

The Benson model is modular and configurable, allowing us to focus build around client requirements and work directly with providers and commissioners across different service enrivonments within children’s and adult health and social care.  This also ensures our clients the model can usually be configured and implemented in 8-10 weeks.

Benson modules