Benson Wintere

Benson Wintere

Patient talking to nurse

Benson Wintere specialise in developing dynamic tools, models and bespoke systems within community health and social care. We have a UK head office based in London and deliver projects in Australasia also.

We have worked in the Community sector for 10 years and realise the dynamics of require a customised approach, flexible enough to adapt to different requirements. We work with multi the NHS, commissioners, providers. We have delivered the Benson model in more than 60 areas to date in the UK.

Our primary focus is community health and social care.  Projects are delivered  by industry experts – fully qualified professionals with backgrounds in finance, healthcare and social care in public and private industry, and consulting.  We do not take on all projects, however where we do not possess the right skills we can reach a network of talented affilliates who may be able to help.  Using a flexible structure ensures our clients are working with experts and ensures reduced delivery time. Using the right professional provides technical competence and industry experience on all projects, and ensures you are working with proven tools and processes.

We have a network of associates providing services that complement the Benson model and support the concept of harmonised, integrated planning.

“the Benson model has really helped move forward the Health Visiting service in Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly so much so we are now one of the Early Intervention Sites for the HV expansion” : Kirsty Edlin, Senior Commissioning Manager (Children’s Public Health & Maternity Services) NHS Cornwall and Isles Of Scilly