The Benson Model | Dynamic Planning in Community Health and Social Care

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The Benson Model covers adult and children’s nursing, community health services, mental health and psychology, adult and children’s social care.  Outcomes include commissioning, bid development, reconfiguration, workforce planning, demand forecasting, benchmarking and performance tracking.

Benson Wintere implement the Benson model and provide additional consulting services to public sector providers and commissioners. We have worked with over 50 sites in the UK plus work with national health administrations in other countries. Our network grows from peer recommendation and is supported across the NHS.  Prospective clients are able to see working demos and are connected with existing users and project synopses.

Benson is a ready built modular solution able to be configured and implemented quickly within a modest budget.  Ongoing support ensures Benson becomes a permanent part of the planning function driving continuous improvement.

“Benson has been incredibly useful. Having aligned the new specification, the sensitised caseloads and changes to skill mix have enabled us to develop the workforce model for the future” Kay Gilmour, Head of Children’s Universal Services, Hertfordshire Community NHS Trust



service planning & strategy

Our community health and social care planning model. Benson is used by providers and commissioners across the UK to plan, forecast, cost and commission service delivery.

commissioning & bid support

Commissioner and Provider Support for bid development and costing. This includes supporting bid teams or outsourcing of bid work, consultation, demand forecasting and funding / costing.

Service development & redesign

Identifying opportunities, driving service reconfiguration, transformation, improvement. Improving health intelligence and performance reporting. Benchmarking against other services.

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